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RagWing Islander plans update, Phoenix Trip. Currently I am working in Phoenix and will be here for at least a month working my regular job for Honeywell Aerospace. So I am not getting anything done on my current project except for drawing. I am making … Continue reading

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TriRaid 560 photo links and Plans. Here is the TriRaid 560 coverage on the small trimaran site. For plans please go to the designers web site Thanks, Roger    

TriRaid 560 Splashes!

The TriRaid RM prototype splashed on a very small sheltered lake with NE winds 5-10 mph,  lite rain, lite 60 lb equip load. Although with the lite winds and the fact that  I was playing around jumping from spot to spot and folding … Continue reading

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RagWing Aircraft Update

See here for recent news.  Roger

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TriRaid 560 sees daylight

 Main hull. Amas in build. The build for this new design has gone together just like it should but not always does when you buy plans. Klaus Metz ( supplied me with the dimensions of panels and also with a … Continue reading


TriRaid 560

Current state as of 10-31-18. Design work is Klaus Metz. See It is a Expedition Trimaran especially designed for races like the Ultimate Florida and Everglades Challenges. Building started 10-21-13. One big goal was reached as I was able to … Continue reading

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Ironman & Workshop update 10-26-13

Today was the day I was suppose to be attempting the Ironman. I waited to late and it filled up so my training will continue and I will sign up tomorrow first thing when they open up signups! Actually it … Continue reading

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TriKa 540 TriRaid 560 new Design started.

see here for info.

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Suwannee River Challenge 2013. Whats SUP! For an update on the challenge see link above.


RagWing Islander Catamaran update.

These photos show the new cabin poptop. While underway you have a nice sloped front and windows to see out of which you can also step through onto the area that will be the front tramp. While at anchor you … Continue reading

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