TriRaid 560 sees daylight

20131113_153537 20131113_153855 Main hull. Amas in build.

The build for this new design has gone together just like it should but not always does when you buy plans. Klaus Metz ( supplied me with the dimensions of panels and also with a full size templates in PDF form and I could chose either to loft it up or have it printed out full size. Becasue of my time constraints I decided to have the plans printed up so all I had to do was cut it out. Once cut out I basicly had myself a kit and all the panels stitched together perfectly! I am very impressed with his plans. It has now been 30 days since starting this build and the ama’s are together and need glassed outside. As soon as that is done assy can begin, putting parts to the hull which is sitting with the paint seasoning.  I am still hoping to be completed by Dec 5th but I have gone on 10 hr shifts at work and weekends so we will see. I am looking forward to sailing and testing this new design (prototype TriRaid 560) and start putting in some long sails to she how it is going to perform and if the design goals are going to be reached. If all goes well the UFC prep can begin and getting both of us tuned in and prepaired for the adventure ahead starting on March 1, 2014.  Roger   11-21-13

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