Ironman & Workshop update 10-26-13

Today was the day I was suppose to be attempting the Ironman. I waited to late and it filled up so my training will continue and I will sign up tomorrow first thing when they open up signups! Actually it was maybe a good thing because my swimming was not quite where it needed to be. My friend Mike suggested total emersion swimming and I have started that. So I have one year more to train and I will be 50 years old during my attempt in Oct. 2014.

Boat update. As you can see the Islander Big Catamaran is coming along and I am now stitching up and adding bulkheads to the TriRaid Expedition Trimaran. I will have weeks worth of fiber glassing on the Islander so no updates on it for a while. All structure is done except for the rudder install and centerboard. The TriRaid is going so quickly that I have to remind myself to take photos. I will have an entire album that I will eventually share. I started it last week and hope to have it all completed by maybe end of Nov. Still shooting for Dec- Jan completion for the Islander.


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