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PuddleCat 18 Update I have my wife standing in for size reference. The cabin is plenty large to fit the items for trips and with some inventive window options the cabin should not appear to boxy. The mast and biplane rig should … Continue reading

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PuddleCat 18 sees daylight!

Well the PC 18 got flipped for the last time in the build process and now the cabin will be next to assemble. Still shooting for a Aug. 4th finish. I am very pleased so far. Big Boat! Roger


PuddleCat 16/18 Catamaran Construction Update

I am taking photos of every step of the build and currently have over 200. Some of which will become part of the plans. Below is a link to a few. Remember that there is no strong back or formers … Continue reading

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Anti Vortex Generators and chine runners/ Hull Winglets.

Is there an alternate to boards? Well in some cases they are a must but if your Hull is rounded similar to a Tornado or the like, basically a half a circle, then only dagger and center boards will work for you. But if … Continue reading

Customer PuddleCat 8’Sails.

Congratulations to Mark Hansen, Manchester, IA for getting his boat finished and in the water. Mark has a nice blog of his build and has a fine looking boat. I watched some of his videos and even with two on board it … Continue reading

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Updates coming very soon.

Hello, As mentioned this will be the site of my new blog and where all the future information will be posted. I will be starting that and linking old site information in the next few days. I look forward to … Continue reading

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