Islander Catamaran launched

Photos from the launch. Notes- with the 50 lb thrust electric motor at full charge it is steady at 4.1 mph, 50% power is 3.2 mph. Sitting a bit high in the front right now but when the rig goes on that should even up a bit. Also sitting higher than expected so Looks like 1200 lb payload goal will be no issues and maybe even 1500 lb capable. During these photos we had 10 gals of fresh water, 2 anchors/ chains/ rode at 50 lbs, stove and fuel at 30 lbs, cooler at 15 lbs, Solar generator and 50 watt panel at 40 lbs, potty with 3.5 gals water, 3 marine batteries and one elect motor at 120 lbs, and misc lights, supplies etc. That gave a total of 750 lbs including weight of 2 people on board as tested.

Next step is to start installing the rig on hand, center board, and purchase a small outboard while we continue to get out as often as time will allow.


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