TriRaid 560

TriRaid 560Current state as of 10-31-18. Design work is Klaus Metz. See It is a Expedition Trimaran especially designed for races like the Ultimate Florida and Everglades Challenges. Building started 10-21-13.

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One big goal was reached as I was able to stow my folding bike and portage cart into the rear hatch area. Being able to stow it there is a huge benefit because it keeps my rear cockpit clear for sleeping etc. I will not decide whether or not to take the bike on the short 40 mile portage for the ultimate Florida challenge until days prior to the race. If the river level’s are low and a longer portage is required I will. But because of the many other adventures that I have in mind it is nice to know that the bike package will fit and stow nicely away and ready for use for longer portages. Last photo with hull painted taken 11-11


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