Suwannee River Challenge 2013. Whats SUP! — 4 Comments

  1. A great write up Roger, I remember you said from a standing vantage point, you were able to see stuff that we couldn’t. I only recall two gators the whole trip, but I must have been floating over them the whole time, not knowing that is fine with me. Glad you made it back, we weren’t sure if you were going to camp or not. My finish time was 8:06 so you were right behind us, very impressive. I’m pretty sure I saw that same dude you saw, he hadn’t begun his bath yet though. I’m proud to say my boat handled Big Shoals fascinatingly, definitely gets the heart going, I credit the Kevlar and graphite for my success. Talk soon.


    • Jon, Great job. Can’t believe you took a new boat through the big shoals. Did you hit anything going through? I will email and get your thoughts on it. Thanks, Roger