Ltl AirCamper “Ultra Piet” customer first flight.

Tim Wolcott from WI. Just sent in a completion photo and will be starting the test hopping and flying soon. He is running a ½ VW and decided to leave the fabric off the rear fuselage and I can see why. Tim is a cabinet maker and his work needs to be seen. Some may say it looks unfinished but this does not affect the flying much except for slips. Wish I was close enough to visit but will have to do with the updates for now. Nice work and good luck with the testing. Tim has access to an original Ford powered Pietenpol AirCamper and plans to get some stick time, this is a good idea to get use to low powered aircraft and should compare nicely with his low powered ½ vw. Would love to see a photo of those craft together. Be safe and let us know how it goes. Update- Successful test flight. Congratulations. Nice Ltl’ AirCamper replica and very nostalgic.

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