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North Carolina Pamlico Challenge

The 300 mile challenge race starts this Friday. If I am able to get some phone coverage I hope to post updates here. Stay tuned to see if it works out. Roger Update, both events canceled due to a small … Continue reading

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Islander Catamaran, photo update.

Last photo was as of this morning. Since I have limited number of clamps it will take a few days to complete the cabin. The blue tape outlines a possible window, they can be located just about anywhere. Also a … Continue reading

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Islander Catamaran progress 9-14-13

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that the Islander catamaran has been built very quickly but over a long period of time. From the start I mentioned that it would be my long … Continue reading


RagWing Islander Catamaran

New updates will be reported sometime this weekend including videos and pictures. ¬†Roger Here is the update video. The floors are in, I went to the trouble of glassing the bottoms before I installed them but that will save … Continue reading

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