RagWing Islander Catamaran update.

20131003_19105220131003_19405420131003_190901These photos show the new cabin poptop. While underway you have a nice sloped front and windows to see out of which you can also step through onto the area that will be the front tramp. While at anchor you can raise the top and have sitting headroom in the bunk area. Only problem that I see right now is that the jib wire is going to have to be farther forward than I had planned originally so I may have to get a new jib to fit. The top will be optional and most folks will not need or want the extra room. My wife wanted it because the cruise boat that we had before you could not sit up in the sleeping area and it was very cramped. 22 foot Oday. I am going to now press on and go with it.    Roger

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