Replica of Fieseler Storch, Wings fold. Tandem model first flew August 1997. Plans include 
Side view drawing Wing folded
Wingspan 32 ft    VNE 105 mph  
Wingarea 180 sq.ft.    Cruise speed 75 mph 
Length 22 ft    Stall speed 20 mph 
Height 7 ft    Climb rate 1200 fpm 
Seats 2 tandom    Range 250 s.m.
Empty weight 497 lb    Take off run 50 ft 
Gross weight 1200 lb    Landing roll 50 ft
Engine used 2si    Service Ceiling 15.000 
HP/HP Range 70/70-80       
Fuel Capacity 20 gal.       
Landing Gear tailwheel       
Building materials wood, fabric, tube       
Building time 600 man hour       
Plans cost $25
Video which shows performance numbers- takeoff and landing within 50′. Also noteworthy is that this aircraft did not have brakes installed.