RagWing Aircraft Update — 4 Comments

  1. Just good to see your still in touch with your airhead fans. I built a Special and test flew it 10 yrs ago. I went over the road trucking 7 yrs, but am working home again and am puttsing with my plane. Hoping to continue again this summer. Am really curious about that new folding wing. How did that single seat version of the Ragabond turn out? Can it be built to ul specs maybe.

  2. Hi Roger,
    I was once a Rag Wing member. In the postings, Roger had answered some questions about the A4084 engine that some were converting for aircraft use. The generator is a 28 volt and Roger had instructed us on how to convert it so that we could charge our 12 volt battery. There were so many very helpful postings in the old group and hope that we can access again to the postings. Please let me know if this is possible.
    Laird RW4 Builder

  3. Hey Roger…I am interested in building a duster with full vw engine and folding wings plus if possible a second “hole” for a light passenger. Am I dreaming or is this a reasonable expectation?? Also I plan on using the Great Planes gear reduction to improve efficiency and perhaps cruse speed. Thanks for any comments!!

  4. Hi Roger,
    I am a disabled Viet-Vet who is interested in Biplanes and Ultralights. Finally!!! I found out about Your Motor Bip plans. I hope to order the plans in the next month or so as I have access to a place to build it and the time. I look fwd to hearing from You in the future.
    I really like the Bip.
    Sincereloy, Larry Mager