RagWing Aircraft Update

New Plans prices on this site. As planned and over time the plans prices have been reduced and are now at the point that they will remain. At $25 per set and instance download only. No hard copies will be mailed. This has been done in order to make just enough profit to keep the site open and have a point to keep information about RagWing aircraft and its History available to people. The Plans are still complete but are being sold for their Historic Value only. See About Section on site for more info.

I received a couple of photo updates this week. Wayne’s Aircamper replica still looks great after many years of flying. Here are some photos taken this month. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/41xzvynvew0cood/veR8OIiafl

A new Duster of Brian Clayton’s is undergoing a engine change and is looking good. Also Chris Keogh is getting close to flight with his Stork and it is looking good

stork.Digital Camera 033

I am also available by phone if anyone has any builder questions or just wants to talk aircraft, boats, adventures or whatever. Roger

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