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Photo at right is of Roger Mann during a visit to New Zealand with a UltraPiet built by long time friend Wayne Wilson who was his host during the visit. Roger said it was a visit he will never forget, everyone he met was friendly and he got to fly many aircraft that he had never flown before. He even spoke at a airclub meeting in Christ Church. What a great country and very friendly to flyers.

Welcome to the RagWing section of rogermann.org. This new site has been up for a while now and it is still under construction. The intent remains for this to be the official site for obtaining information about the RagWing ultralight designs and plans for building them. Please check back as new updates become available.Roger Mann with Wayne's Ultra-Piet

The old site, http://www.ragwing.net, is no longer active or supported. However, we are in the process of moving the old information to this site. The basic information has been added to the designs section. More will be added later.

Please take a look around the new site. Plans for official RagWIng aircraft designs as well as some builder’s videos for them may be purchased on the “Buy Plans & Videos” button above.

The RagWing plans make the effort to use simple construction techniques combined with the cost effectiveness of inexpensive materials. Most use materials that have been proven since the early days of flight combined with modern alloys, glues and plywoods to add improved strength and safety. Building a RagWing requires skills slightly higher than those skills required to build a radio controlled model, If you are confident in wood and light metal working, you should be able to complete one of the designs in a reasonable amount of time.

NOTICE- RagWing is no longer in business.  The business was closed in Jan of 2000. Plans are still available but are mainly sold for their historical value. You can build an aircraft from them but you have to understand that there is no factory or engineering support, that these aircraft represent the prototype aircraft only and no structural analysis has been performed by a certified engineer. Prototypes were built and test flown only just like in the beginnings of the homebuilt movement back in the 40’s. For the history of how and why the RagWing’s were built please see here-http://rogermann.org/ragwing/about/

Plans prices will start being reduced and will go down over time. The goal is to eventually make RagWing a non profit but self supported official site. Plans prices are no longer $100 and have been reduced to $25.

You can got to the boat pages by going to www.rogermann.org and clicking on the puddlecat symbol.

Roger Mann      7-24-2012

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