RagWing Islander plans update, Phoenix Trip.


Currently I am working in Phoenix and will be here for at least a month working my regular job for Honeywell Aerospace. So I am not getting anything done on my current project except for drawing. I am making very good progress on the Islander plans and should be ready to release them sometime early 2015. Here is a little about the plans. They are hand drawn on 11 x 17 paper and will have building instructions and construction photos. (well over 100) If you have been following this craft you know that the special thing about construction is that the hull panels are flat and built right on a floor, then two bulkheads are attached and the bow and stern pulled together. It is possible to get both hulls framed in less than a week. No forms, strongbacks or patterns are needed and all material that you purchase goes into the craft and not as formers to be thrown away after. This is a huge time and cost savings in a 20 foot boat. The plans will be good enough for a beginner to follow but do not expect the detail in costly plan sets and cad drawings. But also do not expect the complexity, this is a reasonable and easy boat to construct. It is big and will take time but it is designed for the average builder and not the engineer.  I would like to see it be a cruiser for the masses and reasonable enough that nearly anyone can afford one. An American Jarcat if you will. But unlike the jarcat whose plans cost $350+ (I am a big fan of the Jarcats, except for that although I have to admit that some plans are well worth the big money.) these plans will cost $35 or less,  Roger


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