TriRaid 560 Splashes!

The TriRaid RM prototype splashed on a very small sheltered lake with NE winds 5-10 mph,  lite rain, lite 60 lb equip load. Although with the lite winds and the fact that  I was playing around jumping from spot to spot and folding unfolding amas and pedaling at times I was still able to cover over 6 miles at an average speed of 3.8 kts. , not bad considering.  But this first sail was more about judging ama height off of water, seeing how things were going through the water, weight displacement, leeboard effect, etc. I am very pleased with everything right now and so far do not have anything that I want to change. I still need to finish the boat out with aka stops, heavier bungees on amas, pedal drive well plug,  etc. small items that I did not want to do until after it is sailed a few times. So testing will continue but will be slow until after years end due to my heavy work load. I will try and post as we progress with sailing and get some real hours logged. For details see older posts. Thank you Klaus Metz for your talents in designing and the support you gave me.

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Equipment list being installed for testing. RayMarine Auto Helm- 4.5 lbs. Duracell Powerpack/ inverter – 26 lbs. Tramps-4 lbs.  Two foldable 25 Watt Solar charging panels- 6 lbs. Garmin 640 Chart Plotter- 2.2 lbs.  Small manual watermaker, 1.5 liters per hr.- 6.5 lbs.  These are being installed in addition to all the normal  expedition supplies such as camping and cooking supplies. A complete list will be released closer to race time.

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  1. roger says: Here is the TriRaid 560 coverage on the small trimaran site. I would also like to announce that I will begin selling plans for the TriRaid 560. They will be shipped from Germany in order to make sure that you have the most up to date information available. Plans will cost $140. If interested email me at and I will send you the paypal account information, notify Klaus and get them on the way to you. I will get the order information on my PuddleCat Boat site order page in the future but for now the best way is to just email me and I can get the order started. You may also order them directly from Klaus if you would prefer, the price does not change.

    Note- This site has had a login attack and I am unable to update anything currently. only add comments. 12-27-13