TriRaid 560 sees daylight — 2 Comments

  1. I was interested in the Trika540 for my first build, but had concern about freeboard and capacity for beach cruising for 2 adults in Puget Sound. The TriRaid seems to do it all now. But I do have some questions about the weight of the main hull (vaka); being able to carry the boat over the intertidal is important to me. And wondered if you considered having the Hobie drive trunk double as a daggerboard trunk? Robert

  2. Robert, Weight of main hull is alittle over 90 lbs. I built mine out of 6.0 ply but plans call for 4.0mm. That would be a good bit lighter.
    The hobie drive does double as a dagger board trunk, if you lock the fins straight down it gives resistance. We added a leeboard for heavier windward work. You could make a larger dager for the hobie drive well but I am concerned about not being kickup and doing damage if running aground so the lee board works for me in the shallow water challenges. Thanks for your interest.