Islander Catamaran progress 9-14-13 — 2 Comments

    • Ricky, Great to hear from you, it has been too long! I am starting a Aeronca C-3 Master replica. But it will have upgrades due to the fact that the design was banned in 1937 because it did not meet standards in 1937. New rules did not allow the flying wires or single ignition engine and lack of an airspeed indicator!
      What draws me to this plane is that it was thought of as a motorglider. Since I have always wanted one I figured that this is close enough for now. If an engine with a starter is used then it should be fun to try and soar…..or glide for a while. So that is it. Nothing fancy, just another plane that I have wanted for years now and the time is right. Nice to hear from you my friend., Roger