Islander Catamaran progress 9-14-13

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that the Islander catamaran has been built very quickly but over a long period of time. From the start I mentioned that it would be my long term project. It seems that I finish projects so quickly that if I do not have something in my garage to fiddle with I get kinda stir crazy. Well what I am doing is developing another long term project and moving the IC to the  top of the list. I will mention my new long term project in a new post later but here is a teaser- it is an aircraft.

Ok so my goal today is to decide where the rig is located, mainly placement of the jib attachment point and associated parts. I would like folks to be able to use any rig so what we need is a center located beam or tube from the front cabin to the bow. That way the attach point can be located any where along its length and a screacher could also be added. I will post some photos of progress I make today early in the week.

The Rig. Well the most ready available at good prices are beach cats with at least 26′ mast. This is about the min for this size boat but it will be easy to handle. Being easy and quick to set up is my goal. The easier and quicker the better my woman likes it. Besides this design is not about speed, its about getting on the water and enjoying the journey. But, if you like a 30′ would do nice too. I have one off a prinldle 19 that I may test as well. What I have to go on full time is a rig from a Isotope catamaran. I purchased the entire boat for $500 with bad hull but good everything else. I sold the trailer and scrapped the hulls so my rig cost is $0, not including labor.

On a personal note my Ironman training continues but not nearly as well as I had hoped. In the lake last weekend I bonked on a long swim with my wife following me pedaling in the expedition canoe. Good thing she was there because I never would have make it back to the launch area alone. Thanks Honey! Only 49 spots left for signup this year for the Oct. Beach to Battleship Triathlon so need to make decision very soon. I will know better tomorrow after my long workout. I will be carb loading today to try not to bonk again.


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2 Responses to Islander Catamaran progress 9-14-13

  1. Ricky says:

    What kind of plane Roger? New design or old?

    • roger says:

      Ricky, Great to hear from you, it has been too long! I am starting a Aeronca C-3 Master replica. But it will have upgrades due to the fact that the design was banned in 1937 because it did not meet standards in 1937. New rules did not allow the flying wires or single ignition engine and lack of an airspeed indicator!
      What draws me to this plane is that it was thought of as a motorglider. Since I have always wanted one I figured that this is close enough for now. If an engine with a starter is used then it should be fun to try and soar…..or glide for a while. So that is it. Nothing fancy, just another plane that I have wanted for years now and the time is right. Nice to hear from you my friend., Roger