PuddleCat 18 sees daylight!

Well the PC 18 got flipped for the last time in the build process and now the cabin will be next to assemble. Still shooting for a Aug. 4th finish. I am very pleased so far. Big Boat! Roger

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2 Responses to PuddleCat 18 sees daylight!

  1. Tom the rower says:

    Wow ! What a boat collection. How is the new boat different from the one shown in the street behind the truck. They appear to look alike.


    • roger says:

      Tom, They are the same design but just sized differently. The one at the road is the Adventure Model and 13’1″. Sleeps just one in the cabin. The new model is the 18 footer and much larger. 4 x 8 cabin with sitting headroom on the bridge and headroom in the hulls is 5 foot 6 inchs. Not quite enough to stand up but large enough to carry a full galley, head and bunk. If I decide to build a 20 foot model then there will be standing headroom in the hulls for a full sized adult. 20-22′ will be about as large as you can build this design boat because of the towing limit of 8.5 wide but at that size it will be quite a capable boat and have a full complement of goodies that a cruiser should have. Roger