Catamaran Stand Up paddleboard SUP

14322734_1096282923758299_995502891858360993_nThis is a Stand UP Paddlcat. It is being developed for the Race to Alaska straight human powered attempt. Because of this it has several different features that you would not normally think of on a SUP. In the R2AK 2015 I saw flat calm and hot, standing 8 foot waves, 12 knot currents, 15+ swells off shore. So if caught out in tough conditions I have made it able to be powered while sitting with a hobie mirage pedal drive, which is also good in case of injury. Because of the drive I needed a rudder which will also help in cross winds while paddling in stand up mode. It may also be paddled with a double blade paddle if needed so it has 3 modes of human power with the SUP blade being the fastest. Another option is having enough stability and real estate to rest on while tied to Kelp beds, something which I did several times when no landing spot was available. The fishing is usually good in these beds and I plan to try my luck.  Lastly it has a sun shade to protect from sun, rain and a tarp can be thrown over it to form a tent. Testing is underway and looking good so far. Specs are 16’9″ long, 34″ wide, 88 lbs. It is fully portable and able to be shipped on airlines in two bags. 20 x 22 x 54 and breaks down into 8 separate sealed pieces so it would be very hard to sink.  CatSUP model II is now being built with what I hope will be improvements.


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