Islander Catamaran plans

The Islander catamarans goal is to be large enough and capable enough to take a couple on long trips to remote Islands comfortably. It is as big as it can be and still towed home for storage. It has stand up head room in the center hulls, a galley, a head with sit down or outside shower and room for a double bunk with a “pop top” which permits sitting headroom there as well. It carries a fair amount of water and supplies and was built with open water passages of 50 miles or more in mind. A lot of thought and time has gone into the design but the build time has been very low for this size of boat due to the way it is constructed. The priority was not very high to finish this project due to having a job and  keeping me with something to do in the garage. Well, it is at the stage that it can be taken to the water and enjoyed now although not quite finished and the plans are completed so that if anyone wants they can build one if they have knowledge of the basics of boat building. Plans released on 4-20-2015 and cost $25 instance download only. This is done because RagWing is a hobby for me and not a full time business and it will stay that way as I near retirement. Whatever money is made goes back into RagWing to help pay for past projects and keep the site up. It is my hope to become a Non-Profit 401C org. For more current photos see the photo link button and I will release more pictures as time permits and they are available. A video will be released as well. It is going to be a busy year but hopes are high to have ours rigged and ready for real adventure soon as we are still looking for a suitable trailer and sail rig.Thanks for your interest and sorry that it took so long. It has been a fun project and I am glad that so many folks have shown interest in it.  Roger

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