Modification Results- Ult Expedition Canoe/Tri


Expedition Canoe continues to get modifications. Here is the new Jib which was tested this past weekend and did well in the light wind of less than 10mph.  By putting it up and down quickly with the same amount of wind I was able to determine that adding the sail area does help with increasing the speed and gives more of a break from motor sailing all the time with the pedal drive. During a long day of light winds this could be helpful. Although I have not tested in higher winds yet my guess is that I will have to lower it above 15 mph or so in order not to overstress the mast itself. The hull should handle the pressure without a problem.

The Lee board did not quite work out so it is going to need some tweaking. It was built weighted so that it would hold itself down but currently it rocks forward and aft which may be ok but is irritating.

The 600 watt power pack is in and the solar panels. This is more than enough power for normal battery charging for all the gadgets but it still remains to be seen how long it will run the Auto tiller which is not yet installed.

The new smoother bottom is nice and slippery. Rudder seems to work better, maybe better flow from the bottom? The best thing so far is the bimini top. It was 85 degrees and when put up made it much nicer to motor sail- pedal. You can see the tubes for the front cockpit camper top but I am still sewing it up. Really want to get all this done on the canoe so that I can get the new mast rigged on Racing Trimaran- “Seven”.

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