PuddleCat 16/18 Catamaran Construction Update

I am taking photos of every step of the build and currently have over 200. Some of which will become part of the plans. Below is a link to a few. Remember that there is no strong back or formers to build in the construction. Everything that you build goes into the boat. It is formed by the boats bulkheads and the shape of the plywood. This is a stitch and glue boat with some internal stringers to support the 1/4 ply that it is built from.


The PuddleCat 16/18 is progressing . Current status is that the bottom paint should go on tonight and then it will be flipped upright and will not have to be flipped again. Then the finishing can begin which will be the cabin and rudder. All of the items such as water storage, sink, stove, and head will go in after it is launched and checked out ok.

This project was began on July 4th 2012 and now the ETA on finishing appears to be around the weekend of Aug. 4th.  Here are some specifications-

Hull length- either 15’6 or 17’6” (16 /18) Two foot hull extensions will be optional.

Width- 8 foot.

Cabin area- 4’ X 8’ with sitting headroom.


Bunk area- 4’ x 6’6”. Rolled bed and stored in Hull. Min- 5 gal water tank, sink. Stove. Head. Cabinets for storage. 

Extras- 12 volt elect. System for power with solar charging and two batteries. Electric outboard motor.

Rig- Biplane setup with two sunfish or Hobie mast and sails. 150 sq foot or 180 sq ft roller furling.

Weight is estimated to be 600-700 lbs all up and load carrying should be 800 lbs. 4 people or 2 and supplies for a long trip. It could be more but I will not know for sure until it is tested and fully loaded.



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