Tools required to build the RagWing planes

Only basic hand tools are required. Most of you probably already have. One of the goals of the RagWing projects was to manufacture a kit that can be assembled without the builder having to invest a large sum of money in tools and no specialty trades to learn such as welding.

Minimum tool requirements:
Small hammer
Hand saw (low cost miter box for angle cuts, approx. $15)
Metal cutting hack saw
Electric Drill and drill bits.
Wood rasp or file Sanding block and sandpaper. Block can be scrap 2 X 4.
2 ea. bar clamps
C-clamps. plastic clothespins are handy lightweight clamps.
Hobby knife or razor blade knife
String Cable swaging tool. (Cost approx. $20)
Lightweight staple gun. Recommend Arrow JT-21.
(Cost $18.50 from RagWing Co.
Use 1/4 staples on 1,5 mm ply and 5/16 staples on 1/8 ply.)
Common household iron and iron thermometer. approx. $8.

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