RagWing RW2 “Special”

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Ultralight replica of the 40s Famous Pitts Special. Steel tube fuselage option in plans. The sports car of ultralights. Special II plans come with the Special I package so you can built either the singe seat or two seater. Total cost $25



Wingspan 18 ft VNE 125 mph
Wingarea 120 sq.ft. Cruise speed 70 mph
Length 14.7 ft Stall speed 30 mph
Height 5.5 ft Climb rate 750 fpm
Seats 1 Range 125 s.m.
Empty weight 278 lb Take off run 100 ft
Gross weight 550 lb Landing roll 200 ft
Engine used 2si/kawazaki 440A Service Ceiling 10.000 ft
HP/HP Range 38/35-65
Fuel Capacity 5 gal.
Landing Gear tailwheel
Building materials wood, fabric
Building time 400 man hours
Plans cost $25 Add to Cart

For more photos see here- http://s1263.photobucket.com/albums/ii631/rogermannorg/See video here-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9-Fdp1juC8

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