Open-air ultralight parasol version of the Motor Bipe; great visibility. Fusalage and tail bolt/rivet together in 125hours.
cutaway drawing
Wingspan 26 ft    VNE 90 mph  
Wingarea 117 sq.ft.    Cruise speed 60 mph 
Length 16 ft    Stall speed 27 mph 
Height 6.5 ft    Climb rate 500 fpm 
Seats   Range 90 s.m. (4 gal.) 
Empty weight 250 lb    Take off run 150 ft 
Gross weight 580 lb    Landing roll 200 ft
Engine used Kawazaki 340     Service Ceiling 10.000 
HP/HP Range 25/22-48       
Fuel Capacity 4-14 gal.       
Landing Gear tailwheel       
Building materials wood, fabric, tube       
Building time 150 man hour       
Plans cost $25