Ultralight replica of the Pietenpol Air Camper. Many dozens have been built. At least 2 have been Ultralight Grand Champions. Prototype was named “RagWing” and was the start of the RagWing Company.

 More photos-http://s1263.photobucket.com/albums/ii631/rogermannorg/ragwing%20aircamper%20aircraft/ and a youtube video of me test flying Wayne Wilson’s in New Zealand after a new engine install. Thanks for the honor Wayne.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpR5YXkvOkg&feature=related



Wingspan  25.5 ft VNE  85 mph
Wingarea  117 sq.ft Cruise speed  55 mph
Length  15 ft Stall speed  28 mph
Height  5.9 ft Climb rate  650 fpm
Seats  1 Range  125 s.m.
Empty weight  254 lb Take off run  150 ft
Gross weight  550 lb Landing roll  150 ft
Engine used  2si Service Ceiling  10.000 ft
HP/HP Range 24-48
Fuel Capacity  5 gal.  Plans….. $25.00 USD