The Adventure Catamaran was developed for day trips or weekend cruising for two people and supplies for 30 days. It was also developed for a single sailor to attempt the 300 mile Everglades Challenge boat race. This adventure race requires launching in Tampa bay and sailing to Key Largo. It requires a large enough boat to carry food, water and equipment for 8 days. The boat must have a shallow enough draft to enter checkpoints along the route and allow self launching from above the high water mark on the beach.
The boat will require a margin of safety due to possible adverse conditions. This was done with a reefing rig that is easy for one sailor to handle himself and the boat is unsinkable as long as the watertight bulkheads remain intact. The boat also needed to be durable in order to protect itself from running aground into sand bars, mud flats and oyster beds. This is accomplished with fiberglass and epoxy coating protecting the plywood bottom of the boat. In case there is no wind it needed to be able to be paddled or rowed.
Lastly the boat also had to be very affordable and easy to build. The prototype adventure was put into operation for slightly over $1100 dollars mainly due to the twin masts and brand new sails. Construction cost with the single mast may be kept below $1000 dollars excluding the trailer. It was constructed starting mid Nov. 2010 and its first sail was Jan.15th 2011. It was built by one person during nights and weekends while working a full time job.
Construction plans will be $20 US dollars and available for instant download on the order page.
The main differences between the Models Puddlecat 8/9 and the Puddlecat Adventure. Time to build, cost to build, cabin, and being larger the Adventure is a much more capable boat. The PC 8/9 still remains the quickest, easiest and lowest cost to build and for just sailing a few hours at a time is very hard to beat. The Adventure is build for longer day cruising. It may also be built without the cabin.

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  • LOA- 13’1″LWL- 12’10″Beam- 6’1/2″ (may be built wider for more bunk headroom when sleeping)
  • Hull Height- 24″Bridge deck clearance- 16″
  • Draft- 7 inches. Rudder draft- 18″ (kick up rudder)
  • asymmetrical hulls- No dagger board or lee board required but is optional.
  • Cabin height outside- 19″
  • Cabin height inside- 24″
  • Sail area-Single mast- 75 Sq. Ft., reefed 36 sq. ft. Biplane Rig-(twin mast)150 sq. ft., reefed 75 sq. ft.
  • Weight-360 lbs. single mast. 390 lbs. biplane rig.
  • Load Carrying Capacity- 500 lbs.
  • Normal sailing speed- 5-7 mph.
  • Top speed seen to date 9.6 mph.
  • Paddling speed- 2-2.2 mph, single paddle, one person.(rudder used for steering)
  • Rowing speed- 3-3.5 mph, single person, 9 foot oars.


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Buy Plans

The PuddleCat Adventure plans package includes the following:

  • 12 Full 11 X 17 inch drawings
  • 58 Full color build sequence photos

PuddleCat Adventure plans package: $20.00 USD – [EJUNKIE_ADD2CART item=”1006436″]

Hull Numbers

You may request a hull number for your PuddleCat Adventure as soon as it goes 3 D. You do not have to wait until it is completely done. Hull numbers will be issued in the order that the requests are received. So the sooner you get yours going the lower number you will get. Please supply the following with your hull number request: A photo of your hull along with your name, address and other contact information. When possible it would be nice to have the builder in the photo. I will let you know your hull number by email. Specific hull numbers cannot be requested. Hull numbers are to keep a good count of how many boats are being finished. You do not have to request a hull number nor do you need a hull number. It is just fun to see where the craft are being built and where.

Hull Number List
#1 – Roger Mann, Taylors, SC

#2 Rex Sulik, Greenville, SC. #3 Frantisek Kucera Lanskroun Czech Repubic