Welcome to the official home of PuddleCat Boat designs, A series of wooden catamarans and trimarans. The first boat design was the 8 ft PuddleCat , quickly followed by the PuddleCat Adventure, which is just over 13 ft long.  The Islander is pictured above and is 20+ feet with standing headroom. You can see the remainder of the designs here- Designs

People showed an interest in getting prints so that they could build their own boats and that is why plans are now offered. I actually built all designs and test them before I even consider drawing plans. A few have been entered in Adventure races. On the Specifications Page for the PuddleCat Adventure under video you can see video of the Adventure in the  Watertribe Everglades Challenge 300 mile race 2011 and also the XRT canoe in the 1200 mile Ultimate Florida Challenge 2012. I have quite a few videos here-  YouTube Channel.

The site is still a work in progress and new content and information will be added regularly.   Plans are available for sale on the Buy Plans page and there is information on how to register your hull number on the Support page. Other plans are in the process of being drawn and will be added as they are completed.
Take a look around the site to learn more about these boats. You can also go to the aircraft pages at www.rogermann.org and choose the aircraft symbol.  Enjoy your visit and thanks for your interest.   Roger