TriRaid 560 photo links and Plans. Here is the TriRaid 560 coverage on the small trimaran site. For plans please go to the designers web site

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TriRaid 560 Splashes!

The TriRaid RM prototype splashed on a very small sheltered lake with NE winds 5-10 mph,  lite rain, lite 60 lb equip load. Although with the lite winds and the fact that  I was playing around jumping from spot to spot and folding unfolding amas and pedaling at times I was still able to cover over 6 miles at an average speed of 3.8 kts. , not bad considering.  But this first sail was more about judging ama height off of water, seeing how things were going through the water, weight displacement, leeboard effect, etc. I am very pleased with everything right now and so far do not have anything that I want to change. I still need to finish the boat out with aka stops, heavier bungees on amas, pedal drive well plug,  etc. small items that I did not want to do until after it is sailed a few times. So testing will continue but will be slow until after years end due to my heavy work load. I will try and post as we progress with sailing and get some real hours logged. For details see older posts. Thank you Klaus Metz for your talents in designing and the support you gave me.

20131207_132801 20131207_151746 20131207_151753 20131207_151917 20131207_151928 20131207_152221

Equipment list being installed for testing. RayMarine Auto Helm- 4.5 lbs. Duracell Powerpack/ inverter – 26 lbs. Tramps-4 lbs.  Two foldable 25 Watt Solar charging panels- 6 lbs. Garmin 640 Chart Plotter- 2.2 lbs.  Small manual watermaker, 1.5 liters per hr.- 6.5 lbs.  These are being installed in addition to all the normal  expedition supplies such as camping and cooking supplies. A complete list will be released closer to race time.

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RagWing Aircraft Update

See here for recent news.  Roger

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TriRaid 560 sees daylight

20131113_153537 20131113_153855 Main hull. Amas in build.

The build for this new design has gone together just like it should but not always does when you buy plans. Klaus Metz ( supplied me with the dimensions of panels and also with a full size templates in PDF form and I could chose either to loft it up or have it printed out full size. Becasue of my time constraints I decided to have the plans printed up so all I had to do was cut it out. Once cut out I basicly had myself a kit and all the panels stitched together perfectly! I am very impressed with his plans. It has now been 30 days since starting this build and the ama’s are together and need glassed outside. As soon as that is done assy can begin, putting parts to the hull which is sitting with the paint seasoning.  I am still hoping to be completed by Dec 5th but I have gone on 10 hr shifts at work and weekends so we will see. I am looking forward to sailing and testing this new design (prototype TriRaid 560) and start putting in some long sails to she how it is going to perform and if the design goals are going to be reached. If all goes well the UFC prep can begin and getting both of us tuned in and prepaired for the adventure ahead starting on March 1, 2014.  Roger   11-21-13


TriRaid 560

TriRaid 560Current state as of 10-31-18. Design work is Klaus Metz. See It is a Expedition Trimaran especially designed for races like the Ultimate Florida and Everglades Challenges. Building started 10-21-13.

bike (1) bike (2)20131101_05020920131108_201358

One big goal was reached as I was able to stow my folding bike and portage cart into the rear hatch area. Being able to stow it there is a huge benefit because it keeps my rear cockpit clear for sleeping etc. I will not decide whether or not to take the bike on the short 40 mile portage for the ultimate Florida challenge until days prior to the race. If the river level’s are low and a longer portage is required I will. But because of the many other adventures that I have in mind it is nice to know that the bike package will fit and stow nicely away and ready for use for longer portages. Last photo with hull painted taken 11-11


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Ironman & Workshop update 10-26-13

Today was the day I was suppose to be attempting the Ironman. I waited to late and it filled up so my training will continue and I will sign up tomorrow first thing when they open up signups! Actually it was maybe a good thing because my swimming was not quite where it needed to be. My friend Mike suggested total emersion swimming and I have started that. So I have one year more to train and I will be 50 years old during my attempt in Oct. 2014.

Boat update. As you can see the Islander Big Catamaran is coming along and I am now stitching up and adding bulkheads to the TriRaid Expedition Trimaran. I will have weeks worth of fiber glassing on the Islander so no updates on it for a while. All structure is done except for the rudder install and centerboard. The TriRaid is going so quickly that I have to remind myself to take photos. I will have an entire album that I will eventually share. I started it last week and hope to have it all completed by maybe end of Nov. Still shooting for Dec- Jan completion for the Islander.


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TriKa 540 TriRaid 560 new Design started.

see here for info.

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Suwannee River Challenge 2013. Whats SUP!

For an update on the challenge see link above.


RagWing Islander Catamaran update.

20131003_19105220131003_19405420131003_190901These photos show the new cabin poptop. While underway you have a nice sloped front and windows to see out of which you can also step through onto the area that will be the front tramp. While at anchor you can raise the top and have sitting headroom in the bunk area. Only problem that I see right now is that the jib wire is going to have to be farther forward than I had planned originally so I may have to get a new jib to fit. The top will be optional and most folks will not need or want the extra room. My wife wanted it because the cruise boat that we had before you could not sit up in the sleeping area and it was very cramped. 22 foot Oday. I am going to now press on and go with it.    Roger

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North Carolina Pamlico Challenge

The 300 mile challenge race starts this Friday. If I am able to get some phone coverage I hope to post updates here. Stay tuned to see if it works out.


Update, both events canceled due to a small craft advisory that started thursday night and was due to last until Monday afternoon. A small craft advisory is not unusual, there are many times that you will be in a event and the weather goes bad and a small craft is issued. If you need to you seek shelter, reef or put yourself in a safer position. But….consider the race organizer’s position now, what would the Coast Guard do if you launched 50 plus boats head-on into a 25 kt. headwind and 3-5 foot waves. I would not do it. Good call.


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